Online Counselling Services across Alberta, Canada and beyond.

Although most people prefer to have face-to-face counselling sessions there are circumstances that make it difficult to come into my office. Depending on the nature of the work that we are doing, this does not have to make counselling inaccessible.  Some of these reasons include:

  • Your work requires frequent travel that interrupts the counselling process.
  • You do not live in Calgary and geographical distance makes travel difficult and time consuming.
  • Coming in to my office requires making arrangement for childcare or extra costs for transportation and parking.
  • You are studying outside of Calgary and do not have sufficient time during semester breaks to effectively engage in the counselling process.
  • Parents or spouses would like to be involved in certain aspects of the counselling process and they live in other locals, travel for work, or it is difficult to coordinate meeting at my office.
  • Travel time makes it difficult to get to my office after work or school.
  • Unreliable weather and poor road conditions.
  • Prefer to make a greener choice by not traveling by car or public transportation when there is an alternative.
  • Physical mobility problems that make attending counselling in my office difficult.

We can arrange to do some, or all, of our counselling by using virtual meeting and collaboration software.  In my practice I use the video collaboration software VSee.  This is a free application available through the internet that will work across many platforms including Windows and Mac. There are also apps available for iphone, ipad and android users.  It is similar in function to Skype, however, with VSee we can share a desktop, so that we can be looking at, talking about and working with the same information and files.   If we have been reviewing reports from tests or inventories and I have added annotations these can be saved and sent to you after our session.  The audio and video is all a part of the VSee product, so there is no need to pay long distance charges for the voice portion of our call.  VSee also seems to have figured out the delay problems so the audio and video does not have the characteristic jerkiness that can be distracting on Skype.  Most importantly VSee offers superior security and privacy and is compliant with USA health information privacy legislation.  All communications are encrypted and there is no point in the process where a third party is privy to any information that we are sending back and forth.Watch this demonstration of how VSee works:

In order for this to work best you need:

  • To install VSee on your computer or device, there is no fee for this. You can download the app here.
  • High speed internet is ideal, things can work when this is not available, however they can run slower.
  • A private space where you have access to a computer and we can talk freely and openly.
  • For audio we would use either the microphone that is built into your computer or mobile device or an exertal microphone/headset can be use.