Do I need a career change or to be better at what I do?

I found this TEDx Talk by Angela Duckworth on line and think is particularly relevant to post secondary students and people who are in the early years of their career.  Dr. Duckworth speaks about her research that focuses on Grit.  Grit is a combination of consistency of interest and perseverance of effort. Her research suggests that tenacious pursuit of a goal is what differentiates top achievers from others. Grit is viewed as an enduring but not unalterable personality characteristic. Without grit, a career change may not result in increased success. It is a notion that gives us good reason to pause when planning a change in career.  Do I desire change because what I’m doing is really not a good fit for me or do I desire change because things are tough and complex and I haven’t put in the time, or done what needs doing in order to develop sufficient skill to feel on top of my game? Do I need to be able to learn more about putting my head down, doing the tough work, and sticking with it, even when I feel discouraged in order for me to master what I am doing?  Can I develop more grit without making myself miserable, or worse, sick?  How would I know if there is truly a poor fit between my personal qualities and the requirements of being successful in a particular occupational role? These are important questions when contemplating career change.  This suggests that seeking counselling for career change is not just about what are my skills or options, but also, what is the problem that I am trying to solve and is making a career change the best way to go about solving it.

Mindfulness at Work: The Problem With Multitasking

I came across this corporate training session by Rasmus Hougaard. Mindfulness at Work – Is Multitasking Making You Less Productive?  Its about 45 minutes long but gives a good sense of how mindfulness training can be helpful as a tool to manage stress in a work place.  He doesn’t really get into some of the underlying philosophy and attitudes of a fuller mindfulness practice.  Purists would certainly take exception to some of his comments, however there is utility in what he presents.

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