Occupational Information

Occupational Information NetworkOne of the best sites for information about occupations. Sponsored by the Department of Labor in the United States it includes the largest data base of occupations.  This site is updated regularly.  There are several ways of searching and browsing for information.  Labor market information and wage information is not useful for us in Canada, however, the general description of the occupations is mostly applicable here. Click here
National Occupational ClassificationThe information at the NOC is not nearly as comprehensive as either the Occupational Information Network or the Alberta Learning Information Services.  What is helpful here is that rather than dealing with specific occupations, the NOC tends to focus more on occupational groups.  This can be useful for those who are exploring occupations can benefit sometimes by taking a broader perspective rather than a very narrow focus. Click here
Alberta Learning Information ServicesThis site is sponsored by the Government of Alberta.  It includes information that is directly relevant to working in Alberta.  On the site there is information about occupations that exist in the Alberta economy.  In addition there are links that will take you to where you can go to school to obtain the educational background needed, information about wages and salaries, and information about certification requirements for certain occupations.  There is also information here about some free services offered by the government.  Click here
Working in Canada ToolUseful tool sponsored by the Government of Canada.  Includes the Job Bank but there are other features that can help you generate ideas for types of work you can do based on your skills (Go to Explore Careers - Skills and Knowledge). Click here
Service Canada site: information about career exploration and trainingThis site provides you with some tools provided by Service Canada. It is the general Job Bank site. From here you can search for jobs, explore careers by education, wages, labor market outlooks, skills and knowledge, most of these can be tied back to existing jobs in different regions of the country. Click here
Work British Columbia
This site is similar in content to the ALIS site, except from a British Columbia perspective. I particularly like the section on labour market information, it is very easy to access information you might be looking for. Keep in mind, this information is most relevant to the economy in British Columbia. Click here

Labor Market Information

Alberta Innovation and Advanced EducationExcellent site with links to labour market information. Different regional labor market.  New reports cover a variety of information about careers, demand and training or educational opportunities. We always have to be careful when we are looking at this kind of information.  Economies can change quickly and not always predictably.  On the other hand, if you are looking at establishing yourself in a promising career, you cannot always take a short-term view. Click here
Work BCThis site is sponsored by the Government of British Columbia.  It provides easily understood information on demand for 500 occupations projected to 2020 in that province. Click here
Job Bank: Explore Careers by OutlookThis site allows you to enter the title of an occupation and it will allow you to look at the labor market demand for that occupation in different regions of the country. Demand forecasts are generally only a couple of years out and you have to be careful as the economy can change quickly, perhaps more quickly than the people who update the site. Click here

Careers and University/College Programs

What can I do with my University Program: University of LethbridgeThis site is sponsored by the University of Lethbridge Career and Employment Services.  It can be helpful to those who are looking for ideas about where their university major might take them. Click here
What Can I do with my University Program: University of OttawaThis site is sponsored by the Unversity of  Ottawa.  Again it is to help undergraduate students see how they might use their undergraduate degree to launch a career. Not completely elegant or intuitive to use, but actually has quite a bit of relevant information.  Click here
What can I do with my degree? Academic Advising and Career Services, University of TorontoThis site is sponsored by the Univeristy of Toronto.  Again it lists occupations that are related to various university majors offered by U of T. The nice thing about this site is it provides you with a National Occupational Classification number (see top of page, 2nd link).  This can be used either to search the NOC or can also be used to search the ALIS site (3rd link at the top of the page). Click here
What can I do with my bachelor's degree? University of Manitoba Career Services
This site also provides information for undergraduate students about possible career options for those studying various majors. Many of their profiles will also contain links to take you to other sources of similar information. Click here
Northern Illinois University: Major WeblinksAnother site that can help you generate some ideas about how various careers might relate to your univeristy major. Some of the occupations that they list are linked to sources of information.  You would be better off seaching in O*Net or ALIS for more complete, and probably, up to date information.  ALways remember when you are looking at US sites anything having to do with labor market demand and salaries are not usually relatable to the Canadian economy. Click here
Job Bank: Explore Careers by Education ProgramThis site lets you put in an educational program that you might be interested in studying and it will give you Canadian information about graduate employment, earnings, whether people are working in the field of study, satisfaction with the educational program and the types of jobs graduates actually obtain. This can be quite useful information. Click here
US Census Bureau - Where do College Graduates WorkThis is an intersting site based on US data.  Its main focus is on STEM majors (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) but goes beyond that. Click here

Educational Information

Finding a University or College

Find a Program

ALIS Occupations and Educational ProgramsThis site lists the educational programs in Western Canada that are associated with the occupations included in the ALIS data base.  These include public universities and colleges as well as private training organization.  Specialized certificate programs offered through continuing education at public  post secondary schools are also included. Click here
Universities Canada
This site provides information about Canadian universities and colleges and their programs.  Includes links to the websites for the various schools Click here
 US College NavigaorThis site provides information about American universities and colleges and their programs. Click here

Distance Education

e-Campus Albertahttp://www.ecampusalberta.ca/
Athabasca Universityhttp://www.athabascau.ca/

Public Universities

Athabasca Universityhttp://www.athabascau.ca/
Alberta College of Art and Designhttps://www.acad.ca/
Grant McEwan University
 Mount Royal Universityhttp://www.mtroyal.ca/
University of Alberta https://ualberta.ca/
U of Calgaryhttp://www.ucalgary.ca/
U of Lethbridgehttp://www.uleth.ca/

Public Colleges

Alberta College of Art and Designhttps://www.acad.ca
Bow Valley Collegehttp://www.bowvalleycollege.ca
Lakeland Collegehttp://www.lakelandcollege.ca/
Lethbridge Community Collegehttp://www.lethbridgecollege.ab.ca/
Medicine Hat Collegehttp://www.mhc.ab.ca/
Olds College http://www.oldscollege.ca/
Red Deer Collegehttp://www.rdc.ab.ca/

Public Technical Schools


Private Universities/Colleges/Technical (Calgary Area)

Ambrose University Collegehttp://www.ambrose.edu/
Columbia Collegehttps://www.columbia.ab.ca/
Rocky Mountain Collegehttp://www.rockymountaincollege.ca/
St. Mary’s University Collegehttp://www.stmc.ab.ca/


SAITApprenticeship and trades programs at SAIT


High School Equivalence (GED)Bow Valley College
Chinook Learning Serviceshttp://www.chinooklearningservices.com/HSC.html
Bow Valley Collegehttp://www.bowvalleycollege.ca/programs-and-courses/academic-upgrading.html
Mount Royal Collegehttp://conted.mtroyal.ca/parttime/

Information Interviews

Canadian Careers - Information interviews Information interviews tips and processes. Has some useful additional links to other sites dealing with this same topic.

Service CanadaInformation interviews tips and processes