Career Counselling in Calgary, by Career Management Services

People seek career counselling for different reasons. The processes of counselling will vary depending on your age, goals, personal preference and style. High school students, post secondary students, those who are in the early years of a career, and those who have considerable experience may all be asking a similar question of what do I do next, however, the processes undertaken to address the question will differ depending your age, how far you are into your career and individual needs.

In very general terms, processes begin with a brief telephone conversation so that we can be sure that I can provide the kind of assistance you are hoping for (there is no charge for this).  If we decide to move forward, and we schedule an appointment, I will ask you to do some pre-session work that usually involves providing some basic background information.  A first meeting will follow. In this session you will get a chance to say more about yourself and where you are in your career and decision-making. You will get an opportunity to explain what is bringing you to counselling at this time and what you hope we will be able to accomplish. You will decide whether you would like to continue to work with me, and if so, how we should proceed.  The next steps will normally involve processes designed to help you develop greater awareness of your personal strengths and desires.

Career counselling normally includes some processes to help you focus on what you need in your work and work environment.  How would you know that one alternative would be a better option than another? Often, this is followed by assistance in generating ideas about various occupations or work-related roles that might fit with what you are looking for.

Career counselling is about helping you develop a career identity.  This takes time and commitment from both of us. It is not usually one or two sessions. My role as a psychologist is not to advise you to follow a particular path; rather it is to provide assistance and structure to help you come to your own understanding.  Most people who see me for career counselling spend anywhere between 4 and 8 sessions.  We may begin with weekly appointments for a few weeks but during later stages, appointments are often more spread out.