Aptitude Testing for jobs in Calgary, find your best career through professional aptitude testing.

Aptitude testing is often, but not always, a component of career counselling.  You may use information from aptitude testing for personal development without necessarily looking to changing your career. You may simply want to identify where your strengths lie as well as your vulnerabilities in order to increase your effectiveness.

Current practice and conceptualization of career-related aptitude testing use a number of inventories to help you understand more about your profile of strengths, motivations and preferences as an aid to decision making.  We do not use a single “test”, as success and satisfaction in a career are multifaceted.  Strengths are broadly defined and not limited to cognitive strengths.  These inventories may include:

  • Occupationally related interests
  • Personality characteristics and where people will find situations that are more or less motivating
  • Information about transferable skills including competencies and preferences
  • Information about values and where people find meaning in their work
  • “Hard” or “soft” assessment of ability and confidence to pursue different types of occupational tasks

The components included in an assessment are based on your age, goals for undertaking the assessment, and the professional judgement and experience of Dr. Woods.