Career Management Services in Calgary Alberta offers professional career and workplace counselling for all stages of career and education, from adolescents and young adults planning their early steps towards a career, to people making decisions later in life. In addition, Dr. Woods can help you deal with challenging life circumstances.  He will help you on your path to personal and professional satisfaction.

Calgary Psychologist, Dr. Merle Woods, owner of Career Management Services providing workplace and career counselling.

Dr. Merle Woods, PhD, R.Psych (AB)

About Dr. Woods

Dr. Woods is a registered psychologist with over 30 years of experience.  Throughout his career he has helped people make decisions about their career and the workplace, as well as assisting them deal with stress, anxiety and depression, especially as it relates to their work and study.

Mental health in the workplace, Career Management Services helps you balance emotional, mental and professional needs.Counselling Expertise

Dr. Woods’ combined areas of practice; dealing with difficult emotional circumstances as well as expertise in the workplace, can be particularly important for those who find it hard to maintain a vital sense of well-being while at work.  There is often a complex relationship between mental health, work and other social environments.  Dr. Woods’ expertise can help you sort out where to start and how to proceed.

Early Career Counselling services for high school and University students and graduates.Your Career Path

Dr. Woods assists clients at many different stages in their lives.  High school students making decisions about what to do after grade twelve; college and university-aged students looking to change their programs or those wanting to find a place to launch their career. He often helps young adults who have started working but feel a need to take their career in another direction, as well as those who are well into their career who desire or need to make changes.

Aptitude Testing for jobs in Calgary, find your best career through professional aptitude testing.Aptitude Testing

Dr. Woods administers a number of career-related aptitude tests and inventories to help you understand more about your profile of strengths, motivations and preferences as an aid to career development and decision making.  He does not use a single “test”, as success and satisfaction in a career are multifaceted.  Strengths are broadly defined and not limited to cognitive strengths.

Online Counselling services for Calgary and beyond!Online Counselling Services

In some cases, it may not be possible for you to visit Dr. Woods for a face-to-face counselling session at his office in SW Calgary. To alleviate this challenge, Dr. Woods provides online counselling services to clients in Calgary, across Alberta and beyond.